Testimonials for Greenmedinfo.com

“What a tremendous improvement! Congratulations on your success with this much needed information.
I wish this had been available when I was writing the book Nature’s Pharmacy — although the old site was indeed a blessing at the time. Keep on getting the word out there, Sayer and staff. And a beautiful job Cameron did too.” – Pamela Duff

“Your site has helped me in so many ways to continue to be a healthy 83 year old woman. Your information is the most scientific and humane on the internet and in any text and the people who participate in the site are equally as wonderful. I continually pass on your site to family and friends who have thanked me.” – Lovingly, Ruthie B.

“GreenMedInfo is an excellent and valuable site.” – Peter

“GreenMedInfo is far superior to any health website on line. Your belief and method of healing the body with natural green medicine. The only regret I have is that I only discovered your site about a month ago. All the best and thank you for helping those of us who share your values.” – Sincerely, Eklas

“I love everything about your site, and I will renew when my time is up. GreenMedInfo is one of the best memberships I have.” – Thank you, Nancy

“There are many times for me to send out health related data and contacts that can make better than good impact(s) on quality of life. This website and its founder Sayer Ji have generated and amassed pertinent information freely given to empower.” – Bernadine

“Sayer has such a pure joy that communicates so compellingly! His clear and analytical way of understanding the research is then transformed into the most beautiful imagineered construct of truth I’ve ever heard. Being willing and able to make connections for us is SO useful. I could listen to him in this presentation over and over. Such lovely humility too. He will be part of my future investigations for a long time, I hope!”

“Sayer is a wonderful speaker and down to earth gentleman. I couldn’t agree more with his “back to basics” wisdom & philosophy. I believe we need to take a more macroscopic approach to health, eating and life in general. Science has brought us to this microscopic view, and unfortunately the health conscious sect has followed. Instead of a handful of vitamins, how about the whole real food eaten with people you care about all the while languishing this gift for what it is. We need more like minded individuals!”

“Sayer Ji, you are really fantastic, thank you for all your well researched information, your site GreenMedInfo has helped myself and so many of my friends. Thank you.” – Jodi

“Thank you, Sayer. I always find your talks so uplifting, encouraging, empowering, as well as incredibly informative when you share the latest research to improve our health and therefore, our lives. I was also glad to hear that my choice of Mountain Valley water in glass delivered to my home was top of your list. I’m having a glass with a pinch of celtic sea salt right now.” – Rachel

“The human body cannot make something out of nothing. The use of refined and demineralizing foods cause our body to disintegrate. Any poison added to our food or drink is too much. We are being submitted to illegal mass experimentation when this rule is violated.” Dr. Royal Lee

“Thank you for getting out the information that the above doctor discovered 60 years ago.” – Maureen

“Mr. Sayer Ji has the heart pulse of the welfare of humanity and is an eloquent speaker and listener. God bless you sir. We are very fortunate to have you here on earth fighting for our survival.” – Dee

“Thank you so much Mr. Ji and GreenMedInfo for such great knowledge. Subscribing to GreenMedInfo is one of the greatest things I have done. So much information is hidden by doctors. I have learned so much. Please keep up the good work and may god bless you and your family with all that is good.” – Bryan

“I just wanted to Thank You All for Changing and Saving Lives!! I am So Excited to be able to have access to this Amazing and Lifesaving information for Loved Ones and Friends!!” – Sincerely, Wendy

“I am in AWE of what Sayer Ji has accomplished with this newsletter!” – Charoula

“I am enjoying my membership tremendously, and I am one of your best promoters among my friends, family, and even just acquaintances. Amazing work, please keep it up!” – Gary

“I so agree with the positive comments you have received. My life was greatly diminished by the wonders of modern technology, vaccines, antibiotics, DDT, and processed foods. I was born in 1944 in a military hospital – imagine that! Since 1975 I have been actively trying to learn about health through alternative means, and I knew long before 1975 that I was suffering from poor health. I did receive a BA degree in English in 1972, but it was a miracle that I somehow accomplished that because in truth, I really could not read or remember much due to chronic fatigue and brain fog. That is a little of my history just to let you know how important the information you provide is to my health, my hope for a life, and a pathway to understand the relationship of my life and my body to food, nutrition, the soil, and our precious environment here on planet Earth.”

“Sayer, the information you provide through your emails and your website are my primary source for my understanding health and for the information I need to know how to care for myself. I cannot overstate just how critical the information you provide is to developing a new paradigm for health and for how we must care for ourselves and this precious planet we call Earth. I also appreciate the courage you have in taking on the work you do, and I so thank you for choosing to take a path in life that brings attention from those who have no moral or ethical principles in life.” – David

“Daily as I care for myself and follow my nutritional program, I remember what you have taught us about such vital foods and herbs as ginger and turmeric. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I am so grateful for Sayer Ji and all those who have had the courage to teach us what true healing is. I have regained so much of my life because of Sayer and those who taught me how to care for my health and who have taught me how my life depends upon my relationship with myself and the natural world.”

“Wishing you the best of everything.” – David

“I have benefited personally from the free information you’ve been supplying, for years now. I am very pleased to take the next step to join as a power member, so that I can support your work in other ways than the good vibes and blessings I’ve been sending you all of this time. What a wonderful service you are performing! With the enhancements you’ve just added it will be so easy to help my friends and loved ones, too.” – Patricia

“Thank you for all he wonderful work you are doing to bring health to our world. With so many of our loved ones struggling with Lyme, I was glad to see it evident in Betrayal. I pray more help will be made available soon. Natural healing is the only way to go!! Again, thank you!” – Joyce Peterson