Sayer Ji has appeared in numerous forums, events, panel discussions and telesummits. As the founder of he is widely thought of as an expert in the fields of health and natural healing. To book him to speak please see the contact page.

  • Sayer Ji keynoted at the 2015 Autism One Conference.
  • Sayer Ji presented at the 2015 Food Revolution Summit along with noted speakers Paul McCartney, Mark Hyman, MD, Toni Robins, Food Babe, Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva and 20 others.
  • Sayer Ji presented at the 2014 Future of Nutrition Conference.
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Macro Implications of the Microbiome

Functional Forum February 2016

The #1 Natural Compound For Cancer

Sayer Ji panel discussion at the 2015 Functional Forum

The Empowering Neurologist

Sayer Ji discusses Turmeric with Dr. David Perlmutter

Essential Oils & the Evidence-Based Approach to Natural Health Care

Sayer Ji discusses essential oils and their widespread use for health and healing.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

Sayer Ji discusses the power of food to heal and repair our bodies.

Should Wheat Be Reclassified As A Narcotic?

Sayer Ji, interviewed by Sean Croxton for “The Digestion Sessions,” discusses the profoundly addictive hold that wheat has on human physiology